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Day 5/6: St. Louis and Dubuque  

St. Louis was a healthy stretch from Nashville, about 5 hours plus the requisite stops for gas, browsing the truck stop merchandise and fast food menus I try to abstain from, and shitty decaf coffee everywhere you go. I've grown accustomed though. It's insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Now I get what I anticipate - thin coffee-flavored-brown-drink that stays undrinkably hot for 60 miles. Still seems a crime to pay $1.69-$2.29 for it when Starbucks is only $2.09…

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Day 3/4: Nashville 

You live by the Airbnb and you die by the Airbnb. Tuesday morning starting a day off from shows, I got up and out of that bedroom as fast as I could. Didn't use the bathroom or brush my teeth. I'm no Merriam Webster, but I'm pretty sure "historic" doesn't mean dirty and neglected. I headed downtown to the post office and marveled at the architecture. The World War Memorial is breathtaking. That's historic. I'd Airbnb that. 

First on the itinerary was lunch in Lexington, KY with a music friend from…

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Day 2: Indianapolis 

What's the best thing to do when waking up to a humid, 93° Monday morning in an air bnb bed in Griffith, IN? Why, go for a 6-mile run, of course. Granted, had I known the weather before stepping outside, I probably would have wussed out and browsed my phone for 55 additional minutes, so ignorance = sweat.  

Intrigued by the name alone, this morning's breakfast spit was Jedi's Garden. Think of it as a Perkins with a gruff, veteran waitstaff and French Toast Stackers with an astonishingly high count of…

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Day 1: Chicago 

Prince and Pearl Jam. Can't go wrong there.. Legend begets legend. Granted, glory days come and go, but in my annuls of pop music history, both artists are easy first-ballot HOF-ers. This was my sonic red carpet, laid out at the Elbo Room last night in Chicago. I've been in Wicker Park, Hyde Park, Rogers Park, Lincoln Park, Logan Square, Wrigleyville and the Loop over the years but this was my first impression of the Lakeview neighborhood. I found parking easily, which I attribute to the anatomy of my tiny…

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End-of-Summer Tour 

This blog post probably could have been posted a couple weeks back but, hey.. It's been a busy month. Lots of time on the road with Rogue Valley, and moving! We bought a house. It's impossible to fathom, really, after 11 years basically in the same apartment, but here it is: The next steps. It begins with home ownership, dog ownership, and basically just owning "It" whatever that transient "It" may be. There are so many projects awaiting attention. No electrical outlets in a room.. surprise! For now it'll…Read more

Economy of Scale 

The last couple days on the road were fairly easy and without drama. Cornfields and farmlands whirred by outside as I soldiered on, earbuds in and mind occupied with podcasts. Radio Lab, This American Life, and a surprise discovery - a Game of Thrones podcast all took turns igniting the spider lightning of electrical connectivity throughout my brain. At a couple of points during the drive, critters from the campsite earlier in the week crawled out of their hiding spots, undoubtedly disoriented and maybe…Read more

Meniscus Synthesis  

For me the simplicity of camping is rewarded by a welcome serenity and feeling of self-sufficiency that makes the lack of creature comforts and excess of crawly creatures more than worth it. For night 2 in Sioux City, I was also grateful for that thin layer of waterproof nylon that protected me from thunderstorms that began at 1:30am and lasted until I finally emerged for the day around 8:30am. My dreams were broken and populated with familiar faces in unfamiliar settings; with both potential violators and…Read more

In the Margins of Decaf and Decay 

Just started a short solo tour yesterday in Sioux City, Iowa. Never been here before. Last night's show was a great success - a private party in the Morningside neighborhood at the gorgeous Latham Park. Today, on my day off, I've had a chance to see the city a little bit, although mainly through a bug-splattered windshield. My quick analysis is this: Sioux City offers a subtle and encroaching beauty through all of its sprawl and urban neglect. For every building that appears to have been a prop in an…Read more