From the recording The Dark, Delirious Morning

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darling if you carry me when I am down
I'll make it up to you, some day I'll carry you
I won't be a fancy pillar, I won't be a silver plate
I won't be something that I ain't
but I'll be true
I will carry you

of all the things I could reveal to you I'll show the worst.
it's a promise well-rehearsed I'm trying to unlearn
I just want to be good, just want to be good and keep a realistic sense
if you find your on the fence
jump on my back
we won't look back

one day you'll make all the right friends, all the right decisions.
to be old, to be young, to be shunned, to be loved
it's never up to you there's always some kind of excuse
getting in the way

honey if you're listening I hope you'll understand
planed or unplanned, it all turns into sand
considering the age we live it's quite easy to doubt
because most things don't work out
but somethings do, and you're proof
darling if you carry me - i'll carry you.