1. Pilot Light

From the recording The Dark, Delirious Morning

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there's an airplane flying low
over star-sick rivers and a sleepless city glow
the familiar sights from the circling heights
are hazy and nearly invisible
you want to choose
you want to be new
the wheels emerge, hit the ground like a scourge
but up close it's the same thing; you're still fighting the urge

go on
fade away

there's a violence in a storm
in the awful green and hurling swirling skies
the weathervane spins loose, the sandbags refust
the pleading sirens find no compromise
you want to move on
you want to be safe
in the wreckage you learn, when there's nowhere to turn
sometimes you just wait for the blue sky to return

there are visions stoked in coals
in a soot-lain iron stove
they're voices that speak when the moonlight is weak
and ashes settle on your clothes
you want to forget
you want to be free
embers will wane, eyesight will strain
without light not even shadows remain