1. Shallow Seas

From the recording The Dark, Delirious Morning

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schools of people linger on the edge
move as one entity in the shallow seas
fashionistas shimmer through the reefs
mannequins come to life from behind the glass

don't believe your eyes

variation caught in the debris you have filled bottles with a whispering
soak your hands in lye
un-perfect a disguise
don't believe your eyes

you can look however you want
can sun til you're broze
you can dress like a boy
you can dance like a freak
you can stay up for days
you can sleep until three
wear your shoes on the bed
you can answer the phone
in a curious voice
burn all of your clothes
forget who I am
you can cheat you can lie
steal all that I have
you can be exactly
who you had in mind

I would be a fisherman
I would find you in the open world
it would be so ordinary

shallow seas