From the recording The Dark, Delirious Morning

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In the dark, delirious morning
colors gaining confidence
in the quiet of the morning moving towards the light
listen to the pavement go on about the night
and it's still to early to see the sun
that old piece of fruit's still hanging on
some tangerine tree somewhere in some orchard
on the other side of this little earth

I need to make this silence stop
I need to be sure
I need you to understand
that I don't know where to go
who to read or who to reference
to figure out how to say this:
such a short and simple sentence

There's a funny little thing called eloquence
it has a way of filling empty rooms
but no matter how hard you try
you know the truth will still come through
You wait, you wait hour after hour
as all your favorite thoughts start turning sour
and one by one your friends are wondering
who you've become and when the old you is coming back