From the recording A Friend of a Friend

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up above the burning sun the darkness waits for you
collecting the recorded thought and keeping it for no further use
memory is no remedy but an exercise in captivity
up above the burning sun the darkness waits for me

singing my oh my my my my, my my my my my
how good it feels, to be alive

rainy mornings after holed up in a little neighborhood cafe
dirty floors and creaky doors underscores the melancholy day
love is another crossword puzzle written in a secret alphabet
in walks your rosetta stone who understands your secret dialect

it don't last long it don't last long
so don't be sorry, don't be sorry
and like a ghost, it will pass through and it will leave you

I was laid out underneath a glow-in-the-dark sticker sky
when an earthquake shook the city shaking out every last light
when the fit had past I ran outside and looked, happy to be free
up above the silent trees I see the moon and wonder does it see me?