1. Mountain

From the recording In Real Time

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there’s a drive-in some miles out
there’s a parking lot
overgrown with flowers and weeds
a screen hangs on, surrendering

past the limits there’s an old dirt road
there’s a secret plot
people come and people go
out of the fire into the afterglow

in town the bookstore has a discount cart
just a quarter for a paperback
find “My Side of the Mountain” there
what else goes missing through the years

later at the bar it’s ten-to-close
time for one last round
take your glass and knock it back
anyway, who’s keeping track

you are free to go whenever you need to go
things are always changing as sure as this river flows
I will love you for a long time; as long as anyone could ever know
I will love you for a long time, for a long time
for this brief window