1. Music to Me

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Chris Koza: vocals, guitars, piano, synths, percussion
Becky Shaheen: vocals
Cody McKinney: bass, vocals
John Munson: vocals
Peter Sieve: electric guitar, vocals
Richard Medek: drums


shadows fall across my face
as I walk the city wide
windows of empty displays
I’m the only one on either side
would you trade your dreams for a guarantee
to be safe, sound, and secure?
would you give your love away for free
to go following uncertainty?

in the valley between tall buildings
where the sunlight doesn’t fall
lockstep with the crowded sidewalk
everyone lost in their own song

and it’s music to me

in an age where all that is
awaits your fingertips
how does one bear the weight
and keep from slipping through the cracks?
I’m gonna go somewhere and catch my breath
where the air is clear and sweet
when I find that place and way of being
I wonder would you go with me?

it the minutes between the hours
where time is a broken poem
where you’ve always been this person
you’ve always known a different song

and it’s music to me

shadows fall across my face
as I walk the city wide