Sleepwalkers part 1: Vinyl
  • Sleepwalkers part 1: Vinyl

Sleepwalkers part 1: Vinyl

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Sleepwalkers part 1: Vinyl

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Sleepwalkers on 12" White Vinyl, with a lyrics sheet and full color artwork. More pics will be added when the vinyl arrives! Please note that vinyl will ship on Monday April 29th.

On Sleepwalkers part 1, Singer-Songwriter Chris Koza scours the SKUF bin for hidden gems and deep cuts, assimilating the shifting narrative of the personal past through media, memories, dreams and possibilities enduringly almost-within-reach. Chris's first solo album since 2014's "In Real Time" is bursting at the seams with sweeping electric guitars and pulsing pianos, while a Roland Sh-101 and Juno-106 subtly lurk in the background. Sleepwalkers part 1 is at its core Americana music in the city; a collection of ten songs following a transit map of dynamic acoustic guitar, expressive vocals, and poetic lyrics that at once ponder, observe, dismiss and celebrate the awkwardness, curiosity, and clarity of youth.

There is the diner you are in, then the diner of your dreams where you see yourself sitting always; constructed of contradictory and corroborating minutia. There is the music over the jukebox; a sound collage of the fleetingly familiar and the unborn. There is the way that the light from a neon sign catches the rainfall and is reflected in wet streets which is both true and transformed. A Sleepwalker is someone who haunts or is haunted by the flux of memory and its overlay with the physical moment.

Sleepwalkers is a double album released in 2-parts. Strategically, given the evolving nature of attention spans and the sheer volume of artistic output available at any given moment, a 2-part release allows for a longer window of opportunity to reach a greater audience with new music. Artistically, part 1 and part 2 function independently in their production and stylistic choices, though complimentary and as singular narrative concept.

Basic tracks were recorded at Wild Sound Studio in NE Minneapolis and engineered by Steve Kaul. Cody McKinney (bass), Richard Medek (drums), and Peter Sieve (electric guitar) along with Chris (acoustic guitar, rhodes, piano) comprised the live band. Additional tracking and overdubs by Chris at Little Radios, also in NE Minneapolis. Guest vocals include Alicia Christenson, Becky Shaheen, and John Munson. Part 1 was mixed by Brad Bivens and mastered by Tom Garneau.

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