Day 5/6: St. Louis and Dubuque

St. Louis was a healthy stretch from Nashville, about 5 hours plus the requisite stops for gas, browsing the truck stop merchandise and fast food menus I try to abstain from, and shitty decaf coffee everywhere you go. I've grown…

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Day 3/4: Nashville

You live by the Airbnb and you die by the Airbnb. Tuesday morning starting a day off from shows, I got up and out of that bedroom as fast as I could. Didn't use the bathroom or brush my teeth. I'm no…

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Day 2: Indianapolis

What's the best thing to do when waking up to a humid, 93° Monday morning in an air bnb bed in Griffith, IN? Why, go for a 6-mile run, of course. Granted, had I known the weather before stepping outside, I probably…

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Day 1: Chicago

Prince and Pearl Jam. Can't go wrong there.. Legend begets legend. Granted, glory days come and go, but in my annuls of pop music history, both artists are easy first-ballot HOF-ers. This was my sonic red carpet, laid out at…

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End-of-Summer Tour

This blog post probably could have been posted a couple weeks back but, hey.. It's been a busy month. Lots of time on the road with Rogue Valley, and moving! We bought a house. It's impossible to fathom, really, after…Read more

Considering the Media Obsession

So.. No new Game of Thrones until 2017 but this weekend I discovered something delightful on Netflix. And by discovered I mean devoured and by delightful I mean addictive. It's a pretty damn good hodgepodge of lots of familiar stylings…Read more

Drop a Seed in the Soil

I was in the studio today, at Human's Win working with my talented friend/engineer/musician Lance Conrad on pushing an album towards completion. It is quite different than anything I've released before.. and it has been in the works, slowly marching…Read more

Economy of Scale

The last couple days on the road were fairly easy and without drama. Cornfields and farmlands whirred by outside as I soldiered on, earbuds in and mind occupied with podcasts. Radio Lab, This American Life, and a surprise discovery -…Read more

Meniscus Synthesis

For me the simplicity of camping is rewarded by a welcome serenity and feeling of self-sufficiency that makes the lack of creature comforts and excess of crawly creatures more than worth it. For night 2 in Sioux City, I was…Read more