All I Really Need Is to Know That You Believe 

Some thoughts on Prince.. 

The first song I can remember hearing by Prince was when he ditched the bass and harnessed his electric falsetto for the 1986 smash “Kiss.” I must have been in 3rd grade and heard it…

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April Landscapes

Life has emerged from the hasty hibernation of the passed winter, with people eagerly taking in the warmth of a welcome, if premature Spring. The highs are higher than normal, and the cools tend to  sneakily reside during the nocturnal…Read more

Springtime for Songwriters

For many students throughout Minnesota, Spring Break has begun, and for once it actually feels like spring. The ice shanties are long gone from the lakes, most of the ice has melted, and snow is now just another 4-letter word…Read more

Tiptoeing the Straight and Narrowing

Dammit if it isn't impossible to stay true to a New Year's Resolution. I can't say I'm making HUGE promises to myself - which is why it's a (somewhat predictable) bummer that I haven't been able to stick to my…

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